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National Personal Training Institute


What does NPTI Offer?

The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) offers a 500 hour 6 month course in all of the aspects that students will need to learn to work in a  gym, hotel, Country Club, Cruise Ship or even a mobile Athletic Team.  The successful completion of the NPTI Personal Trainer Program will lead to a graduate diploma that will qualify you to offer assistance and expert services to future clients.

NPTI will give you the insight and the tools to become a successful Personal Trainer.   The Personal Trainer Diploma Program features 300 hours of classroom instruction and 200 hours of hands on supervised gym time.  You’ll have the advantage of getting in shape while you following the stepping stones needed to enter the work force of the real world.

NPTI Diploma vs. Certification

Most in the personal training industry consider a diploma to actually be better than a certification.  A certification is also more costly than a diploma due to the constant upkeep educational courses needed to refresh the credentials.  The Department of Education still recognizes diploma programs and these are the three reasons that NPTI offers a diploma NOT a certification.

At a location near you, NPTI features the convenience of day, evening or weekend class schedules.  They also offer financial assistance to those who quality as well as FREE national job placement and FREE consultation support from fitness experts and nutritionists.

NPTI will get you in the best shape of your life as they are a leading personal trainer school and they have locations all over the United States.  If you live in Orlando, Florida; you can take advantage of their residential program.  To qualify for admission to NPTI, students must be 18 years of age, be a US citizen and high school graduate of good character and submit a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee.


Real World Skills and Hands on Learning

Getting certified at NPTI as a personal trainer will give you built-in real world job readiness.  Hands on practice sessions start in just the first week for enrolled students.  NPTI has modern facilities and comfortable learning environments.  They also feature ongoing continued support through their staff of fitness experts.

State Approved Training

NPTI is state certified to provide excellent training and course outlines for personal training certification. Course studies include; but are not limited to Strength Training Program Design, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Cardio Respiratory Fitness and Nutrition.

Schedule Formats

NPTI has 3 different schedule formats depending on student’s busy schedule.  Choose from a 6 month program, one year program or a 4 month program in Orlando, Florida.  Detailed times and locations are available online and tuition assistance payment options consist of full payment, half payment or monthly payments.  Students can apply for assistance with a co-applicant or borrow against the full amount of their tuition, depending on their credit.  Applying with a co-applicant may give students the opportunity to lower their school loan interest rate or increase the maximum allowable loan amount.

Future of NPTI Graduates

NPTI graduates have gone on to be outstanding professionals in their field, as well as establishing lifelong businesses and friendships.  They are making substantial leaps and bounds in the fitness industry and in their own communities.  NPTI feels that education doesn’t stop with a diploma.  Students turn their passion into a business that can even survive in a downturned economy.   Students should get to do what they love to do and studying at NPTI is the first step to your new career.  The value of being a personal trainer is always in demand, as fitness has become such an important part of our society.

 Nutrition Certification

Nutritional Concepts introduced in the NPTI Personal Training Curriculum

Nutrition plays a huge part in the NPTI course schedule.  Students are taught the importance of eating right and teaching others to do the same.  The NPTI nutritional programs will hand you specialized knowledge of food intake and proper eating habits for the body.   You’ll be more motivated to push yourself and sculpt a healthy body.  The nutrition course is geared toward being a healthy-minded individual as well as a personal trainer.

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