Fitness and Personal Training Resources in San Antonio

It is our sad duty to report that somewhere along the line, the citizens of San Antonio lost their bearings and it has emerged as one of the least fit cities in America. Fortunately, a problem is an opportunity, and it’s never too late for a person, or a city, to claw its way back to the top of the fitness ladder.

Personal Trainers
Combat Sports
Yoga and Pilates

Personal Trainers in San Antonio


The little extra you need to break that plateau or find the body you have been after, could be in the encouragement or knowledge of one of San Antonio’s many qualified personal trainers.


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  • Camp Gladiator– Get in shape as a community with some help from this national leader in group fitness.
  • The Personal Trainer– Boyd Myers is a renown personal trainer catering to the needs of fitness models, professional bodybuilders, power lifters, major league athletes, and average Joes.
  • Fitness Together– The personal trainers at this gym are licensed professionals who adhere to the strict standards of organization inherent to Fitness Together.
  • Lifetime– Discover “Real Fitness for Real People” in a format that is far from the one size fits all module of many gyms.
  • Mind Body Soul– This strength and conditioning studio prioritizes all facets of fitness, including balance, endurance, and strength.
  • Planet Fitness– Take advantage of the incredibly low prices and top flight facilities at one of the Planet Fitness locations near you.

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Combat Sports In San Antonio


Who needs a workout when you can have an adventure and rediscover yourself in the process? If you’re up for a struggle, you owe it to yourself to try out whatever combat sports appeals to you.


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  • Alive MMA– Of course this combat sports gym provides lessons in jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing and kickboxing, but unlike other combat sports gyms it also includes a crossfit component.
  • Carlson Gracie Texas– Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and get access to very affordable fitness classes in this gym bearing the famous “Gracie” name.
  • Randazzo Brothers– Get world-class boxing instruction from this San Antonio MMA Academy.

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Yoga and Pilates in San Antonio


These methods of exercise have completed the transition from fad to established element in the world of fitness. Suitable for elite athletes, out of shape seniors, and competitors in virtually any genre of sport.


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  • Bikram Yoga San Antonio– Get the ultimate yoga challenge at this studio that specializes in “Hot Yoga.”
  • Southtown Yoga Loft– This Studio is located in San Antonio’s art district, and instructs several different types of yoga.
  • Lone Star Pilates– Learn pilates in a private, semi-private, or small group setting at Lone Star Pilates.
  • The Synergy Studio– Sync your energies at this studio offering yoga and nia, a movement based exercise designed to harmonize the internal and external.
  • Yoga Yoga– This studio offers a variety of classes and memberships, as well as a spa for luxuriating after your workout.
  • Yoga for Youth– You don’t have to wait for middle age to embrace the benefits of yoga. Yoginos specializes in yoga for the young.
  • Premier Pilates– Regain your youth and vitality with low impact workout that is guaranteed to tone muscle and improve your quality of life.
  • Esther Vexler Yoga School– This non-profit is dedicated to the memory of Esther Vexler, heroine and pioneer for yoga in the area of San Antonio.
  • Life Power Yoga– This yoga studio and center for the education of Yoga instructors is headed up by yoga personality Jonny Kest.
  • Loka Studios– Get a better idea of who you are and what you can become at the Loka Yoga studio.
  • Divine Yoga– Master the original and most beneficial school of yoga, Kundalini, at this studio on West Lawndale Dr.
  • Namaste Y’all– Introduce yourself to this vibrant southeastern yoga community.
  • Nydia’s Yoga– Nydia’s yoga is San Antonio’s one stop location for all your yoga and physical therapy needs.

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Crossfit in San Antonio


As well known for its sense of community as it is for its groundbreaking and aggressive stance on physical fitness, crossfit is a national sensation that strikes a passionate cord with people of all levels of exercise and athletic experience.


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  • Body Armor Crossfit– This gym is dedicated to forming a community by connecting the casual to the crazy in their appreciation of a good workout and functional fitness.
  • River City Crossfit– The blog of this San Antonio crossfit gym covers workouts, nutrition, and the latest ideas in this emerging fitness movement.
  • Crossfit San Antonio– Get the workout of the day, book a class, and keep your finger on the pulse of crossfit in San Antonio at this location specific blog.
  • Elite Strength and Conditioning– The coaches at Elite Strength and Conditioning have the expertise to inform your training, nutrition and attitude in a fashion that will deliver you to your fitness goals.
  • Fitness Porvida– Get on top of your nutrition and fitness, make a better you, and look better naked as a side benefit of signing on with Fitness Porvida.

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