Do You Need to Be Certified to be a Personal Trainer?

One of the top things that prospective personal trainers wonder about is certifications. If you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer, you may be tempted to skip getting certified altogether. After all, certifications cost time and money. How can you be sure that they will have any appreciable effect on the amount of money that you make or on your success in general? The general consensus, though, seems to be that certifications certainly can’t hurt. Since they aren’t going to detract from your success – and can only promote it – they are worth your while.

Certification Programs

There are many options out there when it comes to earning physical training certifications. The first thing that you need to decide is whether to go the college/university route, or whether to take a one-time course that’s strictly designed for the purpose. Either way, it’s essential to stick with programs that have the appropriate accreditations. Without accreditation by a reputable body, a certification program could be utterly useless to you.

Which accreditation body should you trust when it comes to personal training certification? The most reputable one out there is the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, or NCCA. Look for physical training certification courses that are accredited by the NCCA for optimal results. That way, you can assure that you are not wasting any of your time, money or talent.

If you are already attending a college or university, it should be a breeze to become a Certified Personal Trainer, or CPT. Some schools offer courses for becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer, or PFT, too. Already finished with school? Try a local community college. If neither of these options is suitable, look around for a local or online school that offers certification classes. Many times, these are the least expensive options.

The Benefits of Being Certified

Earning a personal training certification will cost you time and money. However, the payoff can be well worth it. If you’re interested in specializing in certain areas, for instance, a certification is a must. If competition in your area is especially fierce among personal trainers, the right certification can be the difference between getting that job or client – or not. The point is, there is no downside to earning a personal training certification.

While you will have to spend some money out-of-pocket in order to earn your certification, it won’t be exorbitantly expensive. After paying for college, it will seem like a drop in the bucket. On average, an NCCA-accredited course will set you back between $500 and $1,000.

At the end of the day, earning a certification as a personal trainer is worth it. While you may feel a little unsure about it, you can guarantee that it is not going to hurt your prospects at all. Whether you earn it right off the bat – or down the line – be sure to put it on your to-do list.

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